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If there is one thing that stands out in the Huichol way of life, it is a sense of community. This underlying base to their life is so completely human and at the same time natural that it is impossible to ignore. Almost every facet of the tribe’s life is steeped in community. The people work together, prepare meals together, eat together, go to sleep together and in the morning they wake together to greet the sunrise and the start of a new day.

The women gather water together from the mountain springs, while the men gather firewood that will later be used by the women to prepare the cooked meals of corn tortillas, beans and chili. Together the men work the fields and fish the streams, while the women create the sacred artwork, jewelry, bags and clothing. Every aspect of daily life in intertwined with community. Never does a Huichol act alone, instead every struggle and every prosperity is shared. In the Huichol language the word for “mine” and “ours” is the same. No one is alone; all are together in the Huichol way of life.

There is little, if no privacy within the Huichol community structure. To the outside world many drawbacks could be incurred from this lack of what has become known as “private time.” However because of this so-called disadvantage, the Huichol tribe lacks many negative things such as sexual abuse and assault. Because of the community factor, no one could get away with such atrocities. The people simply would not approve and anyone who did such a thing would become an outcast and be socially disconnected.