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Huichol Shamans

Huichol shamans are central figures in the huichol social structure. They are in charge of arranging the good of the village with the spirits and act as doctors for the people.

Don José Matsuwa

Is the renowned Huichol shaman from Mexico who passed away in 1990 at the age of 110. He was a farmer, healer, and master ceremonial leader, and a revered and respected elder throughout the Huichol Sierra. He dedicated his whole life to completing the sacred path of the shaman and it is his life and vision that are the inspirations for the Dance of the Deer Foundation. Before he died he left Brant Secunda this message: “I leave you in my place. Tell your people to pray and follow the deer all the way to their hearts.”

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Doña Joséfa Medrano

Was a singing shaman and healer. The wife of Don José, she was his partner in completing the sacred path of the shaman. She excelled in the Huichol arts of embroidery and weaving which helped to bring her visions alive. Together with Don José she guided a family of 13 children, 75 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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Modern Challenges

Today, the Huichol people are facing many challenges that threaten to tear apart their ancient culture and way of life. Until recently the tribe has remained untouched by the outside world, but now the surrounding way of life is beginning to seep into the High Sierra of Mexico. During the early 90’s the Mexican government made a push to build roads into Huichol territory. Along with the roads came the many negative elements of modern life, including racism and alcoholism.

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. Huichol shamanism honors all of creation, especially the spirit of nature- the power of the animals, the winged ones, the minerals, and plants. This shamanic tradition involves healing and empowerment through personal transformation and direct experience as well as the healing of our [...]

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The Huichol People

The Huichol Indians are a small tribe of approximately 15,000 living in central Mexico near Ixtlan in the Sierra Madre Mountains. They are said to be the last tribe in NorthAmerica to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions. Huichol shamans and healers practice today as they have for generations. In part, their survival is due to the focus of their traditions.

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Brant Secunda

Learn About the upcoming Tawarica Seminar in Santa Cruz, CA Brant Secunda, originally from the east coast of the United States, left home the day after his eighteenth birthday beginning a journey that would change his life forever. He worked his way across America and then down the coast into Mexico, where he encountered an [...]

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